Welcome to the neurALC website!

neurALC is an open-source cross-platform software for the analysis of multi-electrode recordings. In the current version it supports experimental data files in the Neural Event Format 2.0 (NEV), and offers functionality to reveal and analyze some of the information contained in such recordings. It is further intended as a kind of "catalyst" for the development of a free available cross-platform program for the analysis of electrophysiological recordings.

The program is ©2005-2006 V. Berenguer and distributed under GPL version 2. Its manual and website are ©2005-2006 M. Bongard, V.Berenguer and licensed under a Creative Commons License. The program is based Trolltech's Qt 3.3 C++ framework and the libraries QWT, as well as QWT3D for the graphical user interface. Some implemented functions of the program are taken from the TISEAN package. Additionally parts of the software are based on NEV2lkit. The calculation of fourier transformations uses routines from the FFTW3 library. The unsupervised cluster analysis of the PSTH data is based on Klustakwik. Database functionality is provided by utilizing MySQL. The neurALC website is hosted at sourceforge.

last changes 20.08.2006